How’s Your Relationship?

happy couple at the bar with champagne and fruit cake, love conceptYour relationship with food that is? Do you hate it? Do you love it? Or maybe you hate it because you love it so much. People are in such a hurry now a days that they just eat when they think they're hungry or when they're sad, disappointed, lonely, bored, hurt etc. Most people who are reading this blog are NOT in a healthy relationship with food. One function of food is to fuel your body and help it work at its optimal/maximum performance level. But another function of food is to nourish you - not just your body but your soul too.

As with any relationship, you have to make an effort to cultivate your relationship with food. But it shouldn't be an effort that you dread making. Food is beautiful and nourishes you in every way.

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This is not a judgment about any type of food. It's a realization that many of us have to develop before we can truly begin to understand what is behind our difficulties with weight. As with humans, when you have a love-hate relationship with food, it's a back and forth situation and what it's doing to your emotional well-being is not necessary. There is great stress created with that type of relationship.

Talk to your food, thank it and be grateful that it's in your life. Bring back the tradition of saying "grace" - I say my "gratitudes" when I sit down with my food. I love it when I make it and you can tell the taste is different than when I just throw things together. Let me tell you a story about how the way food is made can definitely affect your body. I went to the rodeo last year (a big event here in San Antonio). And since I went early, I wanted to find something to eat. I came upon a place that was serving fajita type meals (I was looking for a salad but couldn't find one). I was a bit worried because I have to be very careful about what I eat due to digestive issues and normally what I was going to eat would have wrecked havoc with my gut. But as I stood in line watching the women make up my plate, I saw how much fun they were having and saw the love they were putting into making just a simple plate of food. As I sat down to eat it, I savored not only the food but the love that was emanating from it. Rodeo is a festive time of the year and people who come to it are happy. I watched people walk by, holding their kids' hands and laughing, having a great time. The food tasted terrific and you know what? It NEVER bothered me at all.

This is one reason buying organic food and especially from a Farmer's Market is good for you. You know that the food is raised with care, concern and often with love.  It's the relationship the farmer has with their crops that makes the difference.  This food tastes better and provides more nourishment and nutrients for you.

Take some time to examine your relationship with food. How do you look at it? Is how you feel about food dependent on your mood? Is it dependent on the number on that darned scale? What does it depend on? Does it vary from day to day or even time to time during the day? Does it vary with your mood or with how your clothes fit?

Journal about this. It's an important factor in your body image and body weight. Your relationship also governs how successful you'll be with lasting weight loss.


This Video Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know

Wow...what a terrific documentary on food and how simple it really is to understand what to eat (and even how to eat).

The video is 2 hours long but I will tell you that it sure didn't seem like it. It was informative every step of the way while also being engaging and in many ways entertaining too. Give it a try.